Sunflower Technology Co., Ltd

About Our Company About Us Sunflower Technology Co., Ltd was established in Guangzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone in 2011 About History It is a leading high-tech enterprise in R&D, production, sales and service of the identification and detection traceability system. About Product Our Product including Labeling machine equipment, Visual inspection equipment, Track &Trace System About Service Our automatic labeling machine and two-dimensional code traceability

Hot Products

    • Turntable Vertical Labeling Machine

      Turntable Vertical Labeling Machine

      It is specially designed for high-speed circular positioning and labeling of round bottles with positioning features. The three-point positioning bottle rotation method guarantees excellent labeling parallelism and positioning accuracy at high speed operation. Equipment...

    • Intelligent Printing Labeling Machine

      Intelligent Printing Labeling Machine

      The production materials, serial numbers, anti-counterfeiting codes, electronic supervision codes, packaging materials, shipping materials, and sales channel materials can be printed on the production line in real time through the PA6000 real-time printing and labeling...

    • Horizontal Round Bottle Intelligent Labeling Machine

      Horizontal Round Bottle Intelligent Labeling Machine

      The screw rotation attitude and material distribution make the system provide the convenience of disk-to-disk vertical feeding / receiving, meanwhile, it has the flexibility of horizontal roller chain conveying and labeling and the high precision of three-point positioning....