Horizontal Bagging Track Trace Machine

Horizontal Bagging Track & Trace Machine
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Product Details

Horizontal Bagging Track & Trace Machine  HYDC-180

Product description

Horizontal automatic bagging coding line (compatible with bags of 10-180g) can be connected to the back end of the horizontal packaging machine. The QR code on each bag can be automatically collected meanwhile the code which is repeated or unable to read is rejected.


After the collection, bags are divided automatically based on bags quantity packed per box, and then the bags are packed manually, which effectively improve the production efficiency. 


Performance & Features        

1.     Horizontal conveyor belt carries out stable moving speed.    


2.     Compatible with various types of horizontal packaging machine to meet the needs of most enterprises. 


3.     High-speed Data Logice DM300 QR code collector is adopted, which provides high acquisition rate.      


4.     Cylinder type up and down reject mechanism ensures accurate and stable removal of unqualified products.  

5.     The running status and alarm information of the equipment can be reflected in real time in the system.



Detection speed

60-80 bags/min

Allowed Bag Size

10—180 g

False Detection Rate


Rejecting Accuracy Rate


Power and Voltage

220V 50/60HZ 1.5KW

Working Temperature


Air Pressure


Dimensions (L x W x H)


Total Weight



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