Plastic Card Printing Machine

It is mainly used for printing, detecting and labeling all kinds of PVC and paper cards (scratch Cards)
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Product Details

Product description

It is mainly used for printing, detecting and labeling all kinds of PVC and paper cards (scratch Cards)


1. Integrated printing, detecting and labeling.

2. No need for manual detecting and decrease the time and labor cost.

3. US made machine vision, DVT from Cognex ensures high data precision.

4. Printing control software is compatible with different brands of inkjet printers (Imaje, Videojet, Domino, Linx) for maximum printing flexibility.


Card Material

Standard CR-80 ,PVC ,Paper

Card Size

(L) 45-100 (W) 40-90 (T) 0.2-1.0 mm

Production Speed

20000---30000 cards/hour

Labeling Speed

20000 cards/hour (3IN1, 4IN1 ,5IN1 )

Overprinting Speed

20000 cards/hour (Any style of the text and images)

Inspection Precision

Error(missed fault<1 per million),Error(miss-reject)<1 per ten thousand

Labeling Precision

±0.5mm (along and across movement direction)

Scratch off coverage

Positioning error > ±1.5mm, Inspection reliability >99%

Power Consumption

220VAC 50Hz 5.0kw Air 0.6Mpa


Ambient temperature 5-50℃


(L)8 M (W)0.74 M(H)1.61 M

Net Weight

700 KG

Machine installation ,commissioning, training

• Have a professional central after-sales service team, call the customer regularly to understand the use of the machine; timely reflect the customer's request or machine problems to the relevant personnel.

• We set up a project for each machine, and each after-sales follow-up and service records are archived and reviewed by dedicated personnel to provide timely feedback on potential problems.

• The warranty period of the whole machine is two years. If non-human damage and failure occur within two years, we will repair or replace it for free. We provide lifetime after-sales service for our products.

• The device's control software will be upgraded free of charge.

• We can provide instructions for the main components such as servo motor, code printer, detector, PLC controller and touch screen.

The response time of after-sales service is: the user's site is reached within 24 hours after receiving the effective repair call.


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