UV Automatic Code Assigning Machine

UV Automatic Code Assigning Machine

UV Automatic Code Assigning Machine
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Product Details

UV Automatic Code Assigning Machine

Product Description

The code system uses a high-speed UV series variable data inkjet system based on reliable piezo inkjet technology to provide a stable, efficient, low cost, high quality and high speed inkjet printer coding solution. It adopts Japan Ricoh GEN5 nozzle, which has long life and easy cleaning. For a variety of printing materials and meet the needs of high-resolution digital printing industry printing, it is easy to achieve variable data printing, packaging and marking, medical packaging and other fields in various production methods.

Technical Parameter

Nozzle Brand : Ricoh GEN5, Japan

Number of nozzles : 1 or more (can be customized)

Nozzle width : Single nozzle 54mm (expandable)

Number of orifices: 1280 orifices

Maximum number of nozzles : Support 8 groups (can be customized)

Sprinkler life : 50 billion times / per orifice

Nozzle frequency : Single point 30KHZ, gray level 20KHZ

Maximum speed : 150 m / min 600 * 200DP

Printing accuracy : 600*200-1800DPI, steplessly adjustable

Nozzle ink drop (minimum) : 7PI 14PI 21PI adjustable

Printed content : 1D code, variable QR code, picture, serial number, customized version of special code, etc.

Ink type: UV ink

Print color: monochrome printing (black, white, blue, red, yellow, etc.)

Drying method: LED curing, water circulation cooling system

Adapt to the material: coated paper, PET / OPP / PVC film, stickers, etc.

Assignment position: print on demand, within ±0.1MM

Up to the value of 38

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