Application of QR code in production management

- May 20, 2019-

The production management bar code solution emphasizes the management of the production job site, and applies bar code technology to realize automatic and rapid collection of a large amount of real-time data generated during the production process, and timely processing real-time events. At the same time, it maintains two-way communication capability with the planning layer (ERP/MRP), receives corresponding data from the planning layer and feeds back the processing results and production instructions. The production management bar code solution effectively solves the problem of manufacturing enterprises' management of production site operations, makes it easier for enterprises to manage production data, and realizes effective management of production processes, product quality traceability, and subsequent inventory and sales tracking.

Why should we introduce bar code for production management?

1. The production site will generate a large amount of real-time useful data, which will play an important role in the rapid decision-making of the enterprise.

2. The data at the production site is mainly collected by the operators at the production site. Since the production site operators are both production and data collection, if the original manual collection method is adopted, not only the input speed is slow, but also the error rate is high.

3. The data on the production site is scattered in many different process steps. It is necessary to use the bar code as a link to link the information of each production link, so as to track the whole process from the production to the end of the finished product.

Features and advantages of production management barcode solutions

Focus on the control of production site operations, characterized by the application of bar code technology.

The advanced bar code technology is used to comprehensively identify the data that needs to be collected in the production field, so as to realize the automatic and rapid collection of a large amount of real-time data generated during the production process.

In the production management process, a bar code identifier is assigned to each data management object in the enterprise:

1. After the barcode reading device swipes the barcode identifier, the barcode is interpreted to accurately identify each data management object.

2. The detailed information of the identified data management object is stored and transferred to the computer to accurately complete the collection of the data.

3. The automatic error correction real-time alarm function fundamentally eliminates the error phenomenon that was difficult to avoid during manual input, and ensures the complete truth and reliability of the first-hand data when the basic data is counted.