Characteristics of Packaging Machines in China

- May 10, 2019-

The overall technology of China's packaging machinery still lags behind that of developed countries, but the demand for packaging machinery in China has promoted the development of the baler industry and promoted the continuous innovation of production enterprises, changing the backward business philosophy and development thinking, so the future of China's baler industry The development is very optimistic, as long as the company can seize the opportunity, I believe that in the near future, China's baler industry will stand in the forefront of the world packaging industry.

The packaging machinery market is increasingly monopolized. At present, in addition to steel belt balers, pneumatic balers and some small automatic balers, semi-automatic balers have certain scale and advantages, other packaging machinery is almost system and scale, especially some packaging production lines with large demand on the market. Small character inkjet printers are monopolized by several major packaging machinery companies (groups) in the world packaging market.

Specialization in the production of packaging machinery parts. The international packaging industry attaches great importance to improving the compatibility of packaging machinery and the whole packaging system. The automatic inkjet printer is the inevitable trend of the development of packaging machinery parts production. Many parts are no longer produced by the packaging machinery factory, but Produced by some common standard parts factories, some special parts are produced by highly specialized manufacturers, and the truly famous packaging machinery factory will probably be the assembly plant. The product is developing towards multi-function and single, high-speed polarization. The ultimate role of packaging machinery is to increase production efficiency and product diversification.

The packaging machinery industry should follow the brand strategy. Enterprises that adhere to the "quality first" are first of all to have the foundation of creating famous brands. In addition to the constant innovation in the competition, the application of high-tech and the exploration of cutting-edge technology, famous enterprises and famous products will be gradually selected. For example, beer beverage filling production line, corrugated board production line, profitable surface production line, cup filling machine, wide laminating machine, 200-liter bulk blow molding machine, BOPP blowing machine, chocolate equipment, homogenizer Although there are many production enterprises, the high-profile and high-sales sales have shown a significant concentration trend, and famous enterprises and famous brands are gradually forming. Shijiazhuang Kesheng Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. produces professional packaging machines, filling machines, coding machines, inkjet printers, shrinking machines, labeling machines and other packaging equipment.