How to regularly maintain your packaging machine equipment

- May 30, 2019-

Packaging machine equipment is divided into different types according to the purpose. Many manufacturers users will not pay attention to maintenance after purchasing packaging machine equipment, and manufacturers causing equipment damage will abound. How to maintain packaging equipment from the daily routine.

Regular maintenance and repair is a must-do for the manufacturer. Because of the long-term work, the wear of the parts has reached a peak. It is necessary to check the replacement parts after the shutdown operation, and then carry out the packaging operation again, which will do more with less. .

The manufacturer does not carry out regular maintenance, which will greatly affect the packaging process, resulting in many defective food packaging, and excessive parts wear will cause a series of equipment cascading failures. The following should be done during maintenance;

First, regular maintenance, do not because of the amount of production line orders for the reason;

Manufacturers can set up a maintenance cycle based on their own number of packaging line orders, in which only regular replacement of worn parts is required.

Two. Maintain packaging machine equipment from key locations;

1. From the touch screen console, check whether the values of each parameter are normal.

2. Check the position of the sealing and cutting package to see if the tool is worn, and compare the quality of the packaged product before and after.

3. Wipe the surface and the dust of the workbench in time to prevent static electricity from causing short circuit of the equipment or hindering the operation of the process.

Because the packaging equipment is a high-power machine, the production workshop environment must be kept dry to avoid potential electric shocks. Although the packaging machine must be regularly maintained, it is also necessary to pay close attention to the operation of the process in the packaging.