Auto Sleeve Labeling Machine Beverage Packing System

- Jan 02, 2020-

Auto Sleeve Labeling Machine Beverage Packing System

Product Description     

The machine adopts international advanced technology, then heat shrinking to fix on the position which bottle body designated. It is controlled by micro-computer and automatic detection. The sleeve shrink label material can be PVC or PET material.

Features & Specification     


1, the machine is made of stainless steel and high quality of aluminum alloy, the reasonable, intact frame, it is easy to adjust.
2, the feet bolt is not needed, easy to move suitable for different place.
3, the shrinkable film roll with adjustable locking gear, can be adjusted according to different roll 5''-10''.
4, the applicable bottle is the machine square bottle and round bottle
5, without tools, the driven machinery can be adjusted to meet different bottle size 
6, particular inserting label ways, i.e. inserting label, it is reasonable and convenient.
7, full automatic feeder, the flat shrinking and tension are adjusted together.

8, it is assured to low error that there is inspection of rolling label cut.
9, particular blade design, blade base can be change by free, changing blade quickly and conveniently.
10, it is easy to change the central clamping device without any tools.

Technical Parameter

Item: HYL-T200

Name :Sleeve Beverage Labeling Machine

Speed : 100-600 bqs

Power : 220/380VAC 50HZ ,42-68KW

Size : (L ) 2100 x (W) 850 x (H) 2000 mm