Strong demand for packaging machinery market, unlimited development potential for labeling machines

- Jan 16, 2020-

Strong demand for packaging machinery market, unlimited development potential for labeling machines

    The labeling machine, which may seem inconspicuous, is a very important part of the packaging process. In recent years, the sales volume of imported food and net vegetables has continued to rise, and these products generally have an obvious label on the packaging. In addition, labeling machines are also widely used in the packaging of beverages, wine, mineral water and other products. At present, the intelligent era of packaging machinery has arrived, and so is the labeling machine. With fast operation, high efficiency, and cost savings for enterprises, it has become an indispensable part of modern packaging.

    It is understood that ten years ago, China's labeling machine industry lacked core technologies and had a single product, which has been ignored in the international market. To this end, some industry leading companies specialize in labeling machines "Research" and "Quality", and work hard on product stability, reliability, and practicality, gradually achieving results, forming their own competitive advantages, and gaining the international market. Identification and trust.

 Labelling machine

    With the development of the economy and the improvement of people's living standards, every commodity in circulation needs to indicate the relevant information such as the date of production and the shelf life. Packaging is the carrier of information and labeling the product is the way to achieve it. The labeling machine is a machine that adds a label to a package or product. It not only has an aesthetic effect, but more importantly, it can track and manage product sales. Especially in the pharmaceutical and food industries, it can be accurate and timely if there is an abnormality Product recall mechanism. At present, the construction of a food safety traceability system has been implemented in many regions of China. It is conceivable that the market demand for labeling machines in China will also increase in the future, with great development space and potential.

    Demand stimulates industrial development, innovation drives industrial upgrading, and China's labeling machine has changed from scratch to manual, semi-automatic, and automated high-speed. To some extent, it reflects the development process of the packaging machinery industry, and also highlights the inestimable Potential and prospects.