Plane labeling machine failure and treatment

- Jun 05, 2019-

Flat labeling machines are available in a variety of label types: for example, self-adhesive labels, self-adhesive films, electronic supervision codes, barcodes, etc., widely used in cosmetics, food, toys, daily chemicals, electronics, medicine and other industries; Explain in detail the failure of the labeler and how to deal with it.

The bottom paper is broken: the bottom paper is closely related to the quality of the label backing paper, the scratching of the labeling path, and the label sticking.

a. Check if the bottom paper is chopped. If you cut the bottom paper, you need to replace the quality quality paper. It is recommended to use Glassine paper and the label supplier is required to control the die cutting depth and not to damage the paper.

b. Check the label for any scratches in the bypass and eliminate the scratching factor.

c. If the label is stuck, the label is easily torn. Control the next bid length to ensure that it does not stick to the labeled product.


Labeling deviation exceeds 2mm: label deviation and label deviation, label direction and product conveying direction are not parallel, traction wheel slippage, product positioning detection is not allowed, label is not attached to the product along the labeling roller, product error Related factors, check the above factors, and then solve the problem.

The belt is biased, the traction mechanism is relaxed, and the label is pulled back and forth to let it automatically go straight. After the label is positive, clamp the limit ring on both sides and guide the label.

The direction of the label is not parallel to the direction of product transport, and parallel can be achieved by adjusting the inclination of the labeling head.

The traction wheel is slippery, the traction wheel is worn, and the traction wheel locking screw is loose. For both reasons, the traction wheel locking screw can be tightened.

Product error, in the production process, the edge error will cause labeling deviation, which can only be solved by controlling the quality of the product.

Continuous bidding: continuous bidding and bidding are not completely related to the sensitivity of the electric eye detection, and the sensitivity can be adjusted. For the adjustment method, please refer to the previous electric eye adjustment section.

If the adjustment of the electric eye can not be solved, the label may be out of the applicable range of the selected electric eye, or the electric eye is damaged. You need to consult the manufacturer.

Another reason is that the label is deflected, the label is not detected by the electric eye, and the electric eye is adjusted to the detection position before and after.

The bottom paper at the stripping plate is slack: the bottom paper slack and the pulling speed are too low to be related to the traction mechanism slip. If the pulling speed is too low, the traction speed can be solved; if the traction mechanism slips, the tightening traction roller is locked. The screw to the bottom paper does not slip;

Also, pay attention to whether the drive belt behind the take-up shaft is broken.