Round bottle labeling machine type and working principle

- Sep 11, 2019-

Round bottle labeling machine is widely used in many industries such as medical, food, daily necessities, and chemical industry. Mainly used for labeling work on round bottles. For example, shampoo, beverages, beer and other round bottles. There are many types of round bottle labeling machines, and different round bottle labeling machines have different labeling methods.


The degree of automation of the round bottle labeling machine

The round bottle labeling machine is divided into two types: automatic labeling machine and semi-automatic labeling machine. However, the degree of automation tends to be fully automatic, and the semi-automatic type labeling machine is mostly used in industries with low production requirements. If you need to customize, you need to decide on your specific situation.


What are the types of round bottle labeling machines?

Round bottle labeling machine vertical round bottle labeling machine and horizontal round bottle labeling machine, vertical round bottle labeling machine is suitable for large diameter bottles, that is, large bottles that can stand up and stand. For example, round bottles such as shampoos, shower gels or drinks. The horizontal round bottle labeling machine is suitable for round bottles with smaller diameters such as test tubes. Usually, there is no stable round bottle.


How does the round bottle labeler work?

In fact, most labeling machine work in the same way. The bottles are transported by conveyor belts and will maintain a certain transport distance. The bottle passes through the photoelectric sensing area, triggers the motor to control the working paper reel, and the label is attached to the round bottle accurately. This is a kind of collaborative work, and the speed of the work will affect the quality of the labeling. After the label is completely attached, it will also pass through the tight-fitting brush, so that the label is completely close to the bottle and does not fall off. The round bottle labeling machine will continue to cycle through the entire labeling process.