Teach you to quickly purchase a flat labeling machine

- Jun 05, 2019-

Nowadays, automation has become the theme of the development of the times. The packaging industry has also entered the era of automation. The labeling equipment is also constantly being updated, and the flat labeling machine is the product of the development of the automation era. However, many customers may not know much about the flat labeling machine, which is often not available when purchasing it. It wastes a lot of precious time and can't buy a flat labeling machine that suits you.

Please pay attention to the following three points when purchasing a flat labeling machine, so that you can choose a satisfactory flat labeling machine.


First, know the characteristics of its own products, what are the special requirements of the product for labeling equipment? For example, in the food industry, it is particularly concerned about production safety. It requires equipment to adopt safety measures such as waterproofing and leakage prevention. Therefore, priority should be given to special labeling machines belonging to the industry.

Second, recognize their own production needs, including the number of product specifications, product output and production efficiency, label requirements, site requirements or whether to take the production line requirements. The equipment industry is generally divided into standard equipment and non-standard equipment. Some customers often fall into misunderstandings, requiring equipment to be strong, large and complete. Blindly asking for some functional configurations that are not available in their own production will cause unnecessary waste. In consideration of the upgrade space of its own products, the specifications of product labeling are correctly selected, and the labeling accuracy and labeling capacity required by the products are strictly required.

Third, testing and evaluation, for the first time customers using the labeling machine, due to the strange performance and application of the labeling machine, as far as possible, the sample samples and samples to be labeled should be sent to the labeling machine manufacturers for evaluation and testing. The possible reduction reduces the risk of purchase without knowing the labeling machine.