The labeling machine can be divided into two types

- Mar 06, 2020-

Self-adhesive labeling machine and paste labeling machine. It is understood that the most commonly used labeling machines in the market are self-adhesive labeling machines. Let me analyze the reasons for you:

In terms of labeling effect: the two types of equipment use different labels. The label material of the paste labeling machine is a paper label. From the appearance of the label, the effect of the self-adhesive label will be better.

In terms of cost: self-adhesive labels are more expensive than paper labels, but the price of self-adhesive labeling machines is cheaper than paste labelers.

Maintenance: After the machine is running for a period of time, it must be maintained and maintained, so that the service life of the machine will be longer. Because the paste labeling machine uses paste, many parts are possible over time. It will stick with paste, so it is more complicated to maintain than a self-adhesive labeling machine, and its hygiene is worse than a self-adhesive labeling machine.

Labeling process: Due to the material, the paste labeling machine is prone to the problem of too tight adjustment of the paper limit position, the paper claws are stuck, and the paper is separated too much. The self-adhesive labeling machine does not have the above The problem.