What are the common common QR codes?

- May 20, 2019-

Two-dimensional code has been developed for more than 30 years. After a long development cycle, it has gradually been accepted by global consumers, producers of industrial products and middlemen. It has become the most common language in the 21st century. It has many functions, such as traceability of products, circulation supervision, traceability marking and so on. It enriches our world.

There are more than 250 kinds of two-dimensional codes in the world, but there are only more than ten common and commonly used codes, such as PDF418, DATA CODE (International Industrial Code, U.S. R&D), QRCODE (Rapid Response Code, Japan R&D), Hanshin Code (independently developed by China), GM Code (Grid Matrix Code), CM Code (Close Matrix Code).

Today I will talk about the origin of QR code in detail: QRCode is the most widely used two-dimensional code because of its advantages of fast reading speed, large information capacity, small space occupation, strong confidentiality and high reliability.

The name comes from the inventor's hope that QR codes can be decoded quickly. QR codes can store more data than ordinary barcodes, and there is no need for linear alignment scanners when scanning like ordinary barcodes.

QRCode is square, only two colors, three of the four corners are printed with small square patterns like "Hui". The advantage is that it is easy for us to recognize when scanning 360 degrees, and realize the purpose of fast recognition.