What are the factors that affect the production of round bottle labeling machines?

- May 25, 2019-

We all know that the round bottle labeling machine is suitable for labeling cylindrical objects of various specifications, small round bottle labeling, such as xylitol, cosmetic round bottles, wine bottles and so on. It can realize full-circle/half-week labeling and circumferential front-back labeling, and the front-back label spacing can be adjusted freely. Widely used in food, cosmetics, chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries, optional circumferential positioning detection device, to achieve circumferential positioning labeling, optional color belt coding machine and inkjet printer, labeling and printing production batch number and other information, reduce Packaging process to improve production efficiency. But sometimes there are some reasons that can affect the production factors of the round bottle labeling machine as the round bottle labeling machine itself. The most important thing for the company is to let the round bottle labeling machine play its maximum function. So today, Xiaobian will tell you about the factors that affect the production of round bottle labeling machinery. I hope to help you better use the round bottle labeling machine.

1. Mechanical design

The main body of the machine is divided into two parts. One of them is the design. The quality of the product is good or bad. Whether the customer satisfaction can depend on the design and development process of the product first. The design and development of the product is to achieve product upgrading and improve product quality. Premise. The design directly determines the formulation of the production plan, the procurement of raw materials, the difficulty of process production, the type of equipment and processing accuracy, the level of quality, etc., poor design may make the product difficult to produce.

2, on-site installation

During the installation process, if the parts are not properly installed in the part, or there is a certain deviation, it will cause various problems during the operation of the machine, which directly affects the stability of the machine during operation and the offset of the labeling position. And so on.

3, the installation environment

The environment is a major factor affecting quality. For example, the air temperature, if the label is lower than the humidity, the label will not be attached to the bottle; or if the humidity of the bottle is not within the tolerance range, a similar situation will occur during the labeling process. If the installation environment is windy, There is also a small impact on the product, but with a little improvement, the problem is easy to solve.