Barcode Printing Machine

The packaging information, relevant coding, production date, serial number information, shipping information or goods of sales channels are printed and marked on the packaging box in the form of text, code and barcode, so as to facilitate tracking in the whole transportation and distribution process, which are realized by barcode printer.
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Product Details

Product Description

Printing and Labeling goods of packaging information, related coding, production date, serial number information, shipping information or sale channels on the packing case in word, code and bar code form, to facilitate the tracking in the whole transporting and distribution process.

Features & Specification

1. Coupled with computer and special software to control, quickly operation, clear display and prompt error completely.

2. Flexible editing software: Compatible label editing software in Chinese and English, edit the printing content high flexibility;

3. Simple operation: Man-machine touch screen, easy to operate;

4. Adopt the world famous brand electrical components ensure the stability and reliability Of the whole machine.

5. Adapt to third-level packaging in food, medical, daily chemical and other industries.

Technical Parameter

Detection Speed :40 Boxes /Min

Bottle Size : 600X400 Mm

Error Detection Rate : ≤5/1000

Power : 220V 50/60HZ,0.5KW

Air Pressure : 0.4~0.6MPa

Dimension : 1500x800x1600mm

Total Weight :120KG


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