Common Sense Of Labeling Machine

- Jun 05, 2019-

How to make the labeling machine work best, make the label improperly attached, and beautiful. What aspects do we need to pay attention to ensure the best results? When using machinery, master some skills to greatly improve the value of the machine.

First, increase the viscosity of the label, try to make the label stick firmly. To achieve this effect, we need to consider the following aspects:

1. Improve the surface quality of the hose. Most of the product's surface is too smooth, which will increase the difficulty of labeling, and the oozing of the contents will cause the label to lift.

2. Control the labeling pressure of the label during the labeling process.

3. Try to control the temperature during the labeling process. Increasing the labeling temperature will improve the labeling effect, as the activity of the internal material will increase as the temperature increases, and the label will be more easily integrated with the tube.


Two. Try to use soft label materials, and good label ductility will greatly improve the tilting.

Third, change the shape of the label. Make the bottom end of the label curved and try to avoid the deformation zone of the seal. Of course, the arc cannot be opened too deeply, otherwise the wrinkles are easily caused by the problem of the label itself, which increases unnecessary trouble. For the opposite sex seal, the shape of the label is required to be changed accordingly, so that not only the tilting can be avoided but also the aesthetics can be increased.

Fourth, eliminate the effects of static electricity. The labeling process is also very prone to static electricity, which will also have a bad influence on the labeling effect. Appropriately improve the humidity at the labeling site, there will be some improvement. The labeling machine is equipped with automatic humidity control inside, which can separately control the cleanliness inside the equipment, keep the label away from dust and improve the labeling quality of the product. This will eliminate the phenomenon of tilting in the labeling process and achieve perfect visual sensory effect.