Beijing Will Start Construction Of Drug Track & Trace System Terminal

- Dec 26, 2019-

    Recently, the author learned from the Beijing Drug Administration that in order to accelerate the full traceability of pharmaceuticals from research and production to the end of use, the city will improve and implement the drug traceability system in the next three years.

Terminal construction of drug tracking system

    It is reported that the municipal bureau has completed the establishment of drug traceability systems for more than 300 pharmaceutical wholesale companies. The drug regulatory department has basically traced the drugs of these companies. Not only can they grasp the drug information in a timely manner, but they can also report, investigate and deal with violations of laws and regulations quickly.

    This year, the drug traceability system will be expanded to pharmaceutical retail chains, and the construction of a traceability system for more than 200 retail pharmacies will be initiated in advance. After the traceability system is completed, consumers can use the sales receipts to check online the production and operation information of the purchased drugs and medication knowledge such as taking tips.