Three Reasons For Unstable Labeling Of Automatic Labeling Machines

- Jan 10, 2020-

three reasons for unstable labeling of automatic labeling machines

When we are using the machine, if its use effect does not meet our requirements, or it is standard, we will find the reason. Where is the automatic labeling machine is the same, then the automatic labeling machine is labelled What are the three major causes of instability?

1. The belt pressing device may not be tightly pressed, resulting in loose bands and inaccurate electrical eye detection. Tighten the label to resolve.

2. The traction mechanism may be slippery or not compressed, which may cause the bottom paper to not be taken away smoothly. Press the traction mechanism to solve the problem. If it is too tight, the label will be distorted. It is better to pull the bottom paper normally. (Usually if the backing paper is wrinkled, it should be pressed too tightly)

3. The shape of the attached object is not the same or the positioning is different. Control product quality.