Flat Labeling Machine Function

- Jun 05, 2019-

In the market, the most popular labeling equipment is the flat labeling machine. In general, most of the product market needs to use the flat labeling machine for labeling. Now let's analyze the function of the plane labeler, so that we can understand more about the specific situation of the plane labeler.


The flat labeling machine mainly uses the labeling and the film on the plane. For example, in the places of books, plastic shells and film, there are mainly two modes of rolling and sucking.

1. Designed for irregular, curved surfaces such as flat and square to ensure labeling accuracy and effect: double-sided chain correction device ensures the neutrality of flat and square bottles;

2, user-friendly touch screen: simple and intuitive operation, full-featured, rich online help function

3, combination labeling machine, a wide range of applications: just a simple adjustment can be converted between the double side stickers, the circumferential stickers.

4, optional transparent label dedicated detection of electric eyes to improve detection accuracy.

5, optional code printer and other configurations, synchronization to complete coding and labeling, and can alert the status of the printing device.

6, can be used in a single machine, can also meet the use of the line.

The flat labeling machine mainly selects the type according to efficiency, bubble and precision.