How To Use QR Code For Product Quality Traceability?

- May 20, 2019-

To have a better product quality management system, it is necessary to have a complete product traceability platform, which needs to include product raw material procurement management, production process management, code identification management, packaging warehouse management, distribution management, anti-counterfeiting management, anti-smuggling management, and consumption. Marketing management, rights management and other functions. The use of QR codes for product quality traceability is a very mainstream practice in 2017, and it is also a product value-adding method with low cost and high return.

According to the current situation of domestic food and beverage production enterprises, the traceability of the product production process chain has been traced. It has been a lot of people who have never heard of their own voices, but there are very few real implementation companies. The traceability platform built by Shanghai Qianli is considered from the perspective of product manufacturers, and the entire process from raw materials to stores can be realized. Consumers can query products in suppliers, inspections and warehouses by scanning the product “QR code”. , the store and other aspects of the situation.

There are many projects included in the product quality traceability system, and we need to do one by one:

1. Raw material management: including raw material procurement, inspection, raw material traceability, warehousing and suppliers.

2, Production management: including production planning, production orders, production and feeding, production quality inspection.

3, The code management: the use of a variety of coding identification equipment for product identification, including production code management, storage code management.

4, warehouse management: including product warehouse / location management, inventory management, library management, inventory alarms, etc.

5. Distribution management: including distributor management, distribution area management, and channel management for distribution management to help enterprises achieve distribution.

6, anti-counterfeiting management: client Internet query management, voice management, SMS management, mobile phone anti-counterfeiting query.

7. Flood control management: anti-smuggling customer/user/distribution query system, anti-smashing code system design and data statistics.

8. Consumption Management: Strengthen the communication and communication between enterprises and consumers through the way consumers register as members; through the means of points, gifts, and lottery for consumers, enterprises can grasp the market conditions of products and collect products. Relevant anti-counterfeiting and anti-mite data. Includes basic information, sweepstakes, redemption gifts and more.