Three Common Labeling Methods For Labeling Machine

- Oct 30, 2019-

l  air suction method

First, the suction method (or air suction method)

This is the most common labeling technique. When the label paper leaves the conveyor belt, it is distributed onto the vacuum pad, which is attached to the end of a mechanical device. When the mechanism is extended until the label comes into contact with the package, it is retracted and the label is attached to the package. This technology reliably achieves the correct labeling with high precision. This method is suitable for top or side labeling with a certain change in the height of the product package, or for side labeling of difficult-to-handle packages. However, its labeling speed is slower and the labeling quality is average.

HYL-920 Square Wrap Around Labeling Machine

l  Blow method (or jet method)

   Some modes of operation of this technique are similar to those described above in that the label is placed on the surface pad of the vacuum pad until the attachment action begins. However, in this method, the vacuum surface is kept stationary, the label is fixed and positioned on a "vacuum grid", and the "vacuum grid" is a plane having hundreds of small holes thereon, and the small holes are used to maintain the formation of "air" Jet." A stream of compressed air is blown from these "air jets", which is very strong, moving the label on the vacuum grille and attaching it to the packaged item. This is a complex technology with high precision and reliability.

l  Wiping method (or brushing method)

    This method is also called synchronous labeling. When labeling, when the leading edge portion of the label is pasted onto the package, the product immediately takes the label away. In this type of labeling machine, this method can only be successful when the speed of the package is consistent with the speed at which the label is dispensed. This is a technology that requires continuous operation, so its labeling efficiency is greatly improved, and it is suitable for high-speed and efficient automated packaging production lines.