Automatic Single Side Sticker Labeling Machine

Automatic Single Side Sticker Labeling Machine

Application for front and back labeling on oval, rectangular, or other irregular shaped bottles. Specially designed for versatility, ease of use, stability and durability.
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Product Details

The Custom Boarding Pass Paper, Full Auto Cards Overwrapping System, Bottle Labeling System products produced and operated by our company occupy a high position in the consumer market. Please contact us if you need more information. Our company always adheres to the service concept of 'professional service and value creation', follows the principle of 'no rest in marketing and no distance in service' and takes the maximum satisfaction of users as our goal. Our company has gathered a large number of professionals, with advanced theoretical guidance and rich practical experience.

Specification &Features :

  • Equipped with two-fold labeling mechanism. Focusing on labeling accuracy at first then extruding the labels, which effectively eliminates bubbles caused in the process and enhances the tightness of labels;

  • The main materials are stainless steel and high-grade aluminum alloy, complying with GMP(Good manufacturing practice), Advanced design, beautiful shape, firm structure, exquisite technique and guaranteed quality.

  • Powerful funtion, it meets the need of single-side and labeling for four types of bottle (round bottle, flat bottle, square bottle, irregular-shaped bottle);

  • Configured automatic bottle-distributing mechanism. To separate bottles and making enough spacing before guiding to guarantee the stability of subsequent operations in guiding, conveying and labeling

Technical parameters:

Container sizes

Width:30-90mm (across the direction of movement)


150 bpm (depends on bottles & label sizes)


±1.0 mm (o

ther than errors from bottles or labels)

Power consumption

220VAC±5% 50Hz 2.1Kw

Machine dimensions


Our company is a high-tech enterprise specializing in R&D and production of Automatic Single Side Sticker Labeling Machine. We have strong independent innovation capabilities, and our product design capabilities and manufacturing capabilities are in a leading position in the industry. According to the development trend and requirements of the industry, our company constantly pursues its own development and the development trend of the industry. We always believe that only when an enterprise achieves the goal of creating reasonable profits and making good contributions to the society at the same time, can it have full significance of existence.


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