Automatic Sketchup Double Sides Labeling Machine

Automatic Sketchup Double Sides Labeling Machine

Adapt to: can print product packaging information, related goods code (bar code), production and serial number data, even sales channel data, and anti information labels on products.
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Product Details

The advanced technology we have learned and introduced at home and abroad should enable our Track Trace System, Single Side Labeling Machine, Print And Apply System to achieve considerable economic benefits. Our strong strength and special page technology are the guarantee for us to provide customers with assured products and satisfactory services. No matter what kind of company it is, it has its responsibilities and missions, because this is the goal and direction of all employees' work. Our company has always been committed to relying on technology, continuous innovation, and strict management system.

Print and Apply System

Product Description

Print and Apply System meetss the industry needs for high-quality information identification of product packaging, it is effective to solve the security anti-channeling of online implementation in all sectors of the logistics supply chain, completely realize the segment packaging and labeling automation, reducing operating costs and increase productivity.

PA real time printing and labeling machine

Adapt to: can print product packaging information, related goods code (bar code), production and serial number data, even sales channel data, and anti information labels on products. The content of product information can be printed by ordinary one dimensional barcode or two-dimensional barcode.

Synchronization function: through the communication software, it can connect the database to print the database data in real time, and attach the printing label to the product, especially for the special application such as the real-time coding of electronic product supervision code, the product variable data printing and so on.

1, real-time printing label label leak proof function, you can choose the automatic complement (replay) function to meet the special needs of the production line.

3, flexible editing software: compatible with most Chinese / English label editing software, printing content editing has strong flexibility.

4, expansion function: can connect other equipment (such as: bar code reader, electronic scale, testing equipment or other industrial equipment, etc.) to form an integrated system to meet the user's most complex application requirements of production management and logistics monitoring.

5, connection function: through Ethernet connection with the main system, achieve real-time management and system integration purposes, and avoid on-site configuration control computer.

6, the text controller with the humanized Chinese and English bilingual user interface, simple and easy to use; rich hint information and help function, let the user more convenient and simple to use the machine.

Technical pameters

Labeling speed

30 -60pieces / minute

Labeling precision

±2 mm

Labeling Orientationgs


Labeling Resolutions


Printing Width/Printing length

Max 105.7mm/Max 118mm

Lable Size

Maximum roll outer diameter 350 mm, inner diameter 78 mm

Power supply

220VAC ±50-60HZ 0.3HZ



Adhering for the theory of 'quality, services, performance and growth', we have received trusts and praises from domestic and worldwide shopper for Automatic Sketchup Double Sides Labeling Machine. Quality control group make sure the best quality. Culture is the growing source of an enterprise. In the course of enterprise development, we always put the improvement of internal staff's creative environment in the first place.


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