Full-Automatic Plane Suction Labeling Machine Pst-P03 for Books/Paper Boxes/Cards

Full-Automatic Plane Suction Labeling Machine Pst-P03 for Books/Paper Boxes/Cards

Use for different kinds of cards/cards paper located labeling
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Product Details

We combine technology and craftsmanship to create the perfect Gift Card Printing Machine, Scratch Off Labels On Rolls, Water Bottle Labeling Machine upholding the perseverance and pioneering spirit, and integrating rich production experience. Our loyalty and commitments remain respectfully at your service. We have established a good reputation of high quality, low price and good service. We have always pursued the business tenet of growth in competition, surpass in innovation. As long as you cooperate with us, you will surely enjoy our high-quality, cost-effective products and services.

Features and Functions

● Use Huiyi SF-350 independent card sorting machine to count the materials, and adjust the width according to the product size.

● Independent servo motor drives the feeder to ensure the precision and speed of labeling

● Vacuum adsorption conveyor belt, which automatically adsorbs the card on the conveyor belt, or can automatically select the standard to meet the special requirements of the production line.

● Human-machine dialogue interface, simple and clear.

● Adjustable speed receiving belt, neatly receiving the cards after labeling.

● Increase the wheel brakes for easy movement and placement.

● 50 sets of labeling parameters can be preset, no need to reset the card size, select parameters to put into production, provide efficiency.

● Optional self-contained printing equipment: Zebra PAX, 105XL print engine, various brands of inkjet printers or printing systems, etc.

● Optional leak code/print detection rejection device to ensure the integrity of the printed content and ensure the quality of the factory.

● Using world-renowned brand electrical components to meet quality standards to ensure long-lasting machine stability.

Size:Width 60-350mm;Length 60-380mm;thickness 0.3-2mm

Labeling Speed :100-150 piece /min(Related to material and label size) 

Stop label precision:±0.3mm

Labeling precision:±1.5mm

Working Temperature :5-45℃

Working Humidity:15-90%(No condensation )

Dimensions :L 1700 x W 566 x H 145



Company information

In 2013, we cooperated with Mengniu Yashili International Group to carry out the construction and implementation of the two-dimensional code trace ability system for the infant milk powder industry.

In 2015, it participated in the implementation of the national veterinary drug two-dimensional code trace ability system, and reached cooperation with more than 300 veterinary drug manufacturers across the country. Among them, the automatic collection and coding equipment of the two-dimensional code of the West Forest bottle was successfully implemented in Beijing for the first demonstration line in the country. The National Institute of Supervision and Control has been promoted nationwide

Our highly skilled craftsmen have devoted all their efforts to the creation of each of our Full-Automatic Plane Suction Labeling Machine Pst-P03 for Books/Paper Boxes/Cards at every step. Our requirement for employees is to hope that everyone will take the common goal as the starting point and end of all kinds, and unite sincerely on the basis of job responsibility. We properly handle the relationship between people, individuals and enterprises, customers, and society.
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