IC Card Dynamic Bending Torsion Testing Machine

IC Card Dynamic Bending Torsion Testing Machine

This machine is independent researched and developed by SUNFLOWER TECH CO., LTD, which is specialize in automatically detecting and rejecting chip packages of sealing machine
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To be a result of ours specialty and service consciousness, our enterprise has won an excellent status between buyers all around the globe for Full Auto Cards Overwrapping System, GS1 Serialisation Track Trace System, Side Labeling system. We never stop asking ourselves how we can make the customer experience better every day, and we will never stop the pace of innovation. We have our own team of engineers and technicians who use free equipment to maintain high efficiency and flexibility in manufacturing. As a team with various people, we aspire to have different and unique qualities, but there is only one thing we share, and that is our passion for product quality. Since the creation of our company, we have achieved very good business that have also gained a good reputation with our clients.

CBT-180 Bending and Torsion Test Machine

This machine is independent researched and developed by SUNFLOWER TECH CO., LTD, which is specialize in automatically detecting and rejecting chip packages of sealing machine, By the use of special electric eye to check encapsulation quality when twisting, and adopts CCD camera to inspect whether package missing chip, Instead of manual check to improve production efficiency and improve the quality of cards.

Feature And Functions:

● Multi-directional, multi-time detection of chip position, can quickly and accurately detect the chip that is not glued or stuck.

● Optimizing top card design shortens the time of action and make mechanical faster, the special positioning way makes cards not to be scratched, guarantee cards with good surface.

● High-end ATR detection function, can quickly detect multiple types of chips, can also detect non-contact cards.

● With an independent image detection system, the cards do not affect each other, quickly distinguish the similarities and differences of the chip, overflow glue, chip position offset, and removed to the specified card.

● The card transmission is driven by a servo motor to drive the precise belt to ensure the pass rate of the card.

● The unique pull-up structure avoids the phenomenon of double-drawing due to static electricity and also avoids scratching of the card.

● With double detection function to eliminate double phenomenon.

● With full material function, full material shutdown, and further automation.

● The waste card box and the card box are separated, and the cards are clearly classified.

● Personalized and friendly software control interface for easier and convenient use.

Technical parameter

Outline Dimension:H1700*W800*L1900mm

Weight:About 300Kg

Power Supply:AC220V 50/60Hz


Air Compression:6kg/cm3

Air Consumption:60L/min


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