OBD II Plug & Track GPS Tracking System (TK208-KW)

OBD II Plug & Track GPS Tracking System (TK208-KW)

The automatic labeling and acquisition integrated machine is suitable for high-speed accurate labeling and two-dimensional code data acquisition of small round bottles.
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Product Details

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Product description

The automatic labeling and acquisition integrated machine is suitable for high-speed accurate labeling and two-dimensional code data acquisition of small round bottles. It can automatically arrange bottles and divide lanes. It can also be equipped with the function of two-dimensional code automatic collection to realize the integration of labeling collection, reduce the labor force in the production line and improve the production efficiency.

Performance& Features

1. Screw feeding, star plate feeding labeling, and vertical bottle body three-point positioning labeling to ensure the high accuracy of labeling.

2. Double channels and double rotary plate feeding mechanism reduce the downtime of label replacement (single and double channels can be used selectively according to the production capacity).

3. The power device loose roll labels, the maximum roll labels diameter is increased to 500 mm Φ.

4. DELSA brand camera provides a variety of detection functions, such as labeling detection, code leakage detection and printing content detection.

5. The invention patent special code reading device can accurately identify the two-dimensional code of the bottle body, and the unique elimination mechanism can precisely eliminate the products such as leakage code and error code.

6. Polycarbonate transparent protective outer cover ensures the safety of high-speed operation of the equipment.

7. It can be equipped with hot stamping printer, code jet printer, heat transfer printer or code jet equipment to complete code printing and labeling synchronously.

8. Polycarbonate transparent protective safety cover ensures the safety of equipment operation.

Technical parameters

Labeling speed


Labeling precision


Acquisition speed


Power supply

220VAC ±10%/60HZ 3.5KW

Working temperature


Air Pressure


Dimensions (L x W x H)


Total weight


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