Single Cards Variable Codes Inspection System

Single Cards Variable Codes Inspection System

Automatic Cards Inspection System
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Function & Features:


l  Applicable for PVC,abs standard card and 2IN1 card ,of thickness range is 0.1-1.0mm.

l  New type patent high-speed flip card ,module,simple and stability ,card size is no need to adjust.

l  The equipment adopts American DALSA IPD 2 million CCD imaging system to have a high speed reading for each card ICCID,BARCODE data and comparison the original database to determine the data of each card is correct.

l  It can automatic to adjust the card is whether acceptable or not ,automatically eliminate defective product to collection box according to cards chip and the punching groove of reverse and front side to make surface inspection and distance analysis.The whole machine adopts the stability of the industrial control system computer software.It can guarantee the real-time monitoring and recording of each card,the output data file can be traced back to production time ,frequency,and analyzing the cause of defective products,fully meet the requirements of the factory ISO data reports.

l  Automatic feeding collection box systems instead of manual packing ,reducing the personnel to save cost and inprove the production efficiency(Optional)




Card Material :  Standard CR-80,2IN1CR-80 PVC,ABS,Paper


Production Speed :  12000-20000 cards/ hour(Depend on inspection material and card size


Inspection Precision : Error (missed fault <1 per million,Error(miss-reject<1 per 10,000


Working Pressure : 0.6 MPA


Machine Dimension : (L)3730mm x (W)740mm x (H)1178mm

Net Weight : 350KG


Power Consumption : AC 220V-230V, 50/60 HZ

Meanwhile, our organization staffs a group of experts devoted for Single Cards Variable Codes Inspection System. Please feel free to contact us for more detail! Our company attaches great importance to the company's reputation and customer experience, and has made great efforts to this end.


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